“The Tempest” play in Chicago

This play that my class and I went to see was definitely the best performance that I have ever experienced. The stage performance of each of the actors was astonishing and there was not a single flaw throughout the entire play. The worst parts of it, though, were the intermission and the ending because it was so intense and got me so caught up in the showing that I didn’t want it to stop. The fact that they used magic and the acting combined really surprised me because I have never seen anything like that. I enjoy magic very much and always try to look for a mess-up to see how they do the trick but remarkably, I could not find one.

Each aspect of this showing felt so realistic and got me so involved that it felt like I was actually in it traveling and experiencing what the characters felt.  Overall, I was very pleased with the play as a whole along with every aspect of it.


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