East of Eden

Image result for east of edenIn the summer of my starting freshman year, I had just received a letter in the mail containing all my subjects I was eligible to take. One that especially interested me was the class of Humanities since I have heard it was a very enjoyable class and of which, many of the higher classed students were taking. This class was recommended to me because of the fact that I had a high enough score on the Explorer test so I decided to enroll in the class.

About one month after I had officially registered for all of my classes, I was notified in an envelope that because I just became a part of Humanities, I was supposed to read a book over the summer called East of Eden. This was the first time I was given an assignment over the summer, let alone reading and annotating a 600 page book! Well, deciding to push through my first work in the class, I ending up reading and, during the school year, writing a report on this book. But when discussing this book, it is essential to understand what the book was about.

East of Eden is a novel following the two intricate lives of the Hamilton and Trask families.  Samuel Hamilton moves with his wife, Liza, to the Salinas Valley whereas they eventually become the prominent family in the area. Adam Trask, first introduced in the book when in his childhood, is now settling in the valley with his pregnant wife Cathy, where he becomes friends with Sam Hamilton. Adam and Cathy give birth to twin sons, Cal and Aron. These sons end up following the same path that their names represent (Adam and Eve) as Cal is lead through jealousy to involuntarily kill his brother Aron. Fate controlled by many factors is one of the main points that Steinbeck was attempting to get at when creating the theme of the text.  


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