Of Mice and Men

In Humanities, one of the prominent projects that we are assigned is the Literary Analysis. As discussed earlier, my first literary analysis was on the book East of Eden. Although the first one that was given to us was to be instructed on a specific book, the next ones to come were able to be chosen. My problem, though, was that my mind had not been set on a certain book so I had trouble deciding which book to do for my next analysis. I had heard from other fellow Humanities students that Of Mice and Men was a great book for a Lit Analysis because of the fact that is was such a short book but at the same time, an excellent read.

Of Mice and Men is based upon the relationship of two friends, Lennie and George as they are faced with loneliness throughout the book and use their friendship as a remedy. The two have been traveling around the countryside in search of a job in order to fulfil their ultimate dream of owning a farm. This dream they hold is a way of giving them the motivation to move on with the difficulties because it will pay of in the end.

The book starts off with Lennie and George stopping at a creek after their tireous trek to get to the ranch job that they have discovered. Upon their arrival, they end up meeting a few ranchers and are then put right to work. Overtime, they end up meeting many of the migrant workers at the ranch and the two are involved in many situations in their time at the ranch. There are then multiple events that follow their arrival and their involvement between characters like Curley, his wife, Crooks, Slim and Candy. The conclusion scene ends up with Lennie’s death because George’s love for him was too strong, so much that he didn’t want Lennie to end up in prison for the killing of Curley’s wife. Themes demonstrated by Steinbeck such as isolation, dreams/hopes, and friendship are all present in the text, and of which, create the basis for the whole book.


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