Star Wars

Many people have been raving about the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” because they have been waiting so long for an extension of the story. This movie is so intense and so action-packed, you will have to see it in order to get the whole experience. I will, though, tell you the main points of significance in the movie. For one, it takes place 30 years after the destruction of the second Death Star, and Luke Skywalker has disappeared. The First Order is set on killing Luke but The Renaissance, on the other hand, is opposed to this. There is much action in the mid-point of the movie as much of the troops from both sides are in constant battle. The climax in The Force Awakens is when The Renaissance use the Falcon in order to infiltrate the Starkiller Base. Han is then killed by Ren (member of the Dark Side) and Chewbacca, enraged, shoots Ren. This shot then sets off a chain reactions, setting off explosives that blow up the base.

In the end, the Luke is then found on a deserted island and is presented with the lightsaber of Ren. Overall, the movie ended on a high note and I am pleased with the performance. The intensity and energy of the movie was outstanding as well as the realistic quality that it posed.


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