The Bible

I have been a Christian ever since I received baptism and it has impacted my life greatly. Since my mom was a Christian, the Christianity was passed down to my brothers and I and we have been going to church for a very long time now. I have only guessed that the Christianity was only going to interact with my church life, not expecting to have the bible interacted into school. But ever since I have enrolled in Humanities, the bible has started to become interacted in my life more and more, as we refer back to it much in the class.  

I’m not exactly an expert on the bible, but the more I use it, the further my knowledge is expanded on it. Many of the students coming from the Zion school are pretty much experts on the subjects, since their religion had already been interacted so much into their school. I am at least moderately pleased with my knowledge on the bible since others do not even participate in church services and know the slightest bit on it.

My Christianity and the bible interact with so many topics in the classroom of Humanities. There are numerous novels that refer to the bible when creating the theme, one prominent book being East of Eden. It contains characters (such as Cal and Aron) who are associated with individuals from old stories of the Christian bible (Cain and Abel) and Steinbeck emphasized the theme greatly by using this reference.


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